# 15-Sep
SDU ready to be installed

SEP 15, 2017

Orchidia pharmaceuticals are preparing to install a new line of single dose preservative free eye drops. The new SDU machine manufactured by Rommelag Switzerland has already been delivered to Orchidia manufacturing premises.

It is worth mentioning that this SDU line will be the first of its kind in Egypt, as all single-dose eye drops products present currently in the Egyptian market are imported. This line was contracted for in order to meet the demands of ophthalmologists who requested the provision of SDU eye drops through Orchidia pharmaceuticals to fulfill the continuous shortage as a result of importation. The line exceeded the cost of 50 million Egyptian pounds and expected to produce approximately 54 million single dose units annually.

The production of the new line is expected to begin at the end of the first quarter of 2018 by producing the first SDU products for glaucoma and allergy treatments in Egypt, followed by many other dry eye products and other ophthalmic drug categories.