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GREAT MINDS project is a part of CME (Continuous Medical Education) project offered by Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries   to raise awareness of scientific knowledge in the field of ophthalmology to all levels of doctors starting from junior doctors.

Great Minds initiative is  scientific  sessions, conferences, separate talks or  panel discussions that being organized and presented by the best and highly selective KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the field of Ophthalmology to physicians in different levels and areas reaching all over Egypt , the goal of these sessions is to raise awareness of scientific knowledge about diversified and various topics starting from the basic knowledge to the recent updates and  innovations in field of ophthalmolog



Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries (Orchidia) is an outstanding Egyptian company specialized in the production of pharmaceutical ophthalmic products, ranked number two in the Egyptian ophthalmic market with the highest growth rate in this market. Orchidia has its own manufacturing facility in Al-Obour city on 6,000 M² Footprint and considered one of the biggest in the Middle East region with a current production capacity of 35 million units.